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Soul Key Discovery Program

I believe we’re each given a unique key upon entering the Earth plane. This “soul key” unlocks the door to our aligned path of service, success, and happiness.

This four-month journey to discover your unique soul key includes:

I spent the first twenty-seven years of my life trying to find my place in the world. I knew I was skilled, and saw the impact I made in business settings, but nothing felt activating or inspiring. I could see the impact of the organization, but I didn’t feel like I was making a direct difference in people’s lives. I saw others who had “figured this out”, but wasn’t sure I’d ever get there.

One day, the universe showed me something. It was a series of keys, each beautiful, colorful, and ornate – though all very different. I was told that each soul receives a key when they come down to Earth, and this key guides them to unlocking their soul’s unique mission and purpose.

Some of us are here to heal the Earth. Some of us are here to love and care for others. Some of us are here to be a leader and a progressive example in our community. Some of us are here to use our creativity and inspire those around us. There are so many ways we each serve this world, and once we unlock the right door, space is created for magic and divinity to come flooding in.


You know you’re here for a reason, but you don’t feel in alignment with your soul purpose

You feel lost, confused, and unsure about your place in the world

You’ve had career success, but haven’t felt excited about what you’ve been doing

You’re interested in spirituality, and want to weave intention into all aspects of your life

You want to be of service to humanity in a way that helps society progress forward

You think you have intuitive and/or healing abilities, but haven’t explored them in depth

You struggle with setting boundaries with co-workers, loved ones, friends, and/or family

You’re driven, self-motivated, and feel ready to commit to your aligned path of service

You’re curious about using astrology to understand your life + business on a deeper level

You want to understand your energetic systems and how they play into your reality

You’re looking for soul-aligned support from others to help you on along the journey

This is exactly me – let’s get started!



Four months of:

Every month we meet twice as a group and twice one-on-one, with weekly action steps sent via email! I’m here to support you every step of the way.

Month 1: Intuitive Abilities + Spirit Team

This month we explore and strengthen our intuitive and psychic abilities, and get familiar with our support system in the spirit realm.

Month 2: Energetic Systems + Frequency Maintenance

This month we learn about our energetic systems and practice techniques for optimizing our frequency.

Month 3: Astrology for Life + Business

This month we explore our unique planetary blueprints, and learn how to use this ancient wisdom to empower and align us in life and business.

Month 4: Business Practices + Abundance Energetics

Running an intuitive, heart-led business is very different from the traditional model.  This month we explore client attraction, money mindset + energetics, and other practices to set intentional foundations for soul-aligned business.

Group and individual calls are facilitated via Zoom and recorded for future re-engagement!

You’ll also gain access to multiple online courses from high level psychics, energy workers, astrologers, and spiritual business owners. Learn from some of the profound teachers and mystics who’ve supported my transformation.

I’m so ready for this! Let’s talk more


A deeper understanding of the role your’re meant to embody in this life

Alignment with your unique soul key and blueprint

Enhanced intuitive abilities to guide you through your next uplevel

Tools for clearing and maintaining your frequency

A stronger connection with your Spirit Guides + Higher Self

Well-rounded astrological insight for yourself and your mission

A community of like-minded individuals for support and reflection

Grounded business practices for new and existing business roles

A strong, healthy relationship with money + finance

Abundance energetics and attraction-based marketing tools

Personalized + Customized support based on your unique needs

Do you feel a YES for this program? If so, I’m so excited to speak with you more about it! Let’s take the next step together.  Please fill out this form and tell me more about your current life landscape.  From there, let’s set up a call and discuss details!

What others say about working with Abby

When I started working with Abby, I recognized I had spiritual gifts but I was unsure of how to show up in the world. Abby has helped me realize the potential I have, igniting a confidence in myself to start my own spiritual business. She has inspired specific offerings that highlight my distinct psychic gifts. Each session with Abby has been unique to what I’m going through, and packed full of sacred knowledge that one can only obtain by doing the work themselves. Forever grateful for the work she does!

Abby Neumann


Working with Abby has completely transformed my life. Before her mentorship, I felt stuck. It felt as if my Higher Self, psychic abilities and Guides were begging me to connect however, I wasn’t sure how or where to start. Abby provided me with foundational tools that helped to facilitate the awakening of my true, authentic self. If you are looking for balance, clarity, healing, and an activation of your highest potential, I highly recommend working with this intuitive Goddess.

Samantha Rae


Having a session with Abby was one of the most generative and nourishing experiences of my life. I had a deeply spiritual encounter with my great grandmother, who showed me something I had been missing, answering a question I hadn’t realized I had. What was immediately apparent while working with Abby is that she is a genuine healer, a guide who truly wants to use her abilities to help others. I would recommend Abby to anyone who is interested in going inward, and get to know themselves better. If you’re looking for a seriously talented and righteous individual to help you along your journey, look no further.

Sam Cook

Washington, DC

I’ve had astrology readings before that felt like a waste of time and money. I was hesitant to try again, but within two minutes of receiving my recording from Abby I was elated and over joyed. She went above and beyond in the content and information she delivered, and I finally got a reading that felt accurate and aligned with why I sought a reading in the first place. Her magic is real, her intuition is spot on, and her mind is super intelligent. I highly recommend her readings, expertise and intuitive services.

Phenix Rose

Costa Rica