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Saturn Return Readings

Saturn is the planet of structure, discipline, maturity, and responsibility. It’s here to challenge us, and gradually push us towards our highest potential. A “Saturn Return” occurs when Saturn returns to the same position it was in at the time of your birth, happening as we approach the ages of 30 and 60. It’s a time of great awakening, and alignment with the lessons our soul chose to work through and grow from in this lifetime.

Saturn doesn’t mess around. When Saturn makes a transit in over our chart, especially when it returns to its original natal position, we feel it viscerally. During the course of our Saturn Return, we’re asked to take a serious look at our long term goals and determine whether they’re in alignment with our soul callings. Once aligned goals are determined, we’re strongly encouraged to take steps towards laying a foundation for these goals, while also dealing with any junk we’ve been throwing in the closet – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The entire Saturn Return phase lasts for about three years, as we feel the planet’s influence strongly as it approaches, crosses over, and departs from our natal position.

Saturn Return Readings - $333

Having an understanding of your Saturn placement (Sign, House, + Angles) makes a world of difference when navigating the intensity of a Saturn Return. My Saturn Return Readings provide an array of tools, information, and guidance to help you navigate and make the most of this sacred initiation. These readings include:

  • 90-minute recorded Zoom session where we will go over your Saturn Return themes and lessons, along with the other major astrological highlights of your birth chart
  • 4-5 page document outlining key themes to keep in mind and dates to remember when tracking the progression of your Saturn Return
  • Opportunity to ask questions via email for the first full month after the session takes place

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What people are saying about astrology readings with Abby

I’ve had astrology readings before that felt like a waste of time and money. I was hesitant to try again, but within two minutes of receiving my recording from Abby I was elated and over joyed. She went above and beyond in the content and information she delivered, and I finally got a reading that felt accurate and aligned with why I sought a reading in the first place. Her magic is real, her intuition is spot on, and her mind is super intelligent. I highly recommend her readings, expertise and intuitive services.

Phenix Rose

Costa Rica

I’ve had several sessions from Abby across her many skill sets. The insights I obtained from her astrology reading were spot on. She tapped into many aspects of myself that I both did and didn't fully know. It both reinforced certain elements of my being that I connect with, and also called me out as to the things that I actively struggle with and am still currently working on improving. She also did a personal energy clearing on me, and that was an incredible experience. She removed some blockages that were holding me back and in some cases causing me actual physical discomfort. The biggest shift I received was in my lower back where I had been suffering from steady aches regularly. Immediately after the session, that area of my back felt so much better and still to this day I haven't had the same lingering issue that I had before the session.

Aaron Taenzer