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Sacred Alignment Sessions

When we come into alignment with our soul’s unique mission and purpose, everything falls into place. Once we allow our heart + intuition to guide the way in life + business, rather than acting from a wounded or programmed place, miracles started to happen.

After going through my own journey of self discovery and realization, I knew that my calling was to help others come into sacred alignment with their soul’s calling in all aspects of life. This is why I offer Sacred Alignment Sessions, designed to help those feeling stuck, lost, unworthy, and uncertain about creating the life of their dreams.

Sacred Alignment Sessions $222

Sacred Alignment Sessions are 60-90 minutes, depending on what wants to be covered that day. These sessions can include:

Life Coaching + understanding the energetics of around aspect of life

Business Coaching + discovering aligned paths of service

Trauma Healing + Subconscious Reprogramming

Psychic Training + connecting with intuitive powers

If you’d like to session to be recorded, I can record on Zoom and email to you for an additional $22!

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Have a lot that you want to explore together? I offer custom 8 + 12 week packages that are personalized to your unique needs! Learn more here

What others say about working with Abby

When I started working with Abby, I recognized I had spiritual gifts but I was unsure of how to show up in the world. Abby has helped me realize the potential I have, igniting a confidence in myself to start my own spiritual business. She has inspired specific offerings that highlight my distinct psychic gifts. Each session with Abby has been unique to what I’m going through, and packed full of sacred knowledge that one can only obtain by doing the work themselves. Forever grateful for the work she does!

Abby Neumann


Working with Abby has completely transformed my life. Before her mentorship, I felt stuck. It felt as if my Higher Self, psychic abilities and Guides were begging me to connect however, I wasn’t sure how or where to start. Abby provided me with foundational tools that helped to facilitate the awakening of my true, authentic self. If you are looking for balance, clarity, healing, and an activation of your highest potential, I highly recommend working with this intuitive Goddess.

Samantha Rae


Having a session with Abby was one of the most generative and nourishing experiences of my life. I had a deeply spiritual encounter with my great grandmother, who showed me something I had been missing, answering a question I hadn’t realized I had. What was immediately apparent while working with Abby is that she is a genuine healer, a guide who truly wants to use her abilities to help others. I would recommend Abby to anyone who is interested in going inward, and get to know themselves better. If you’re looking for a seriously talented and righteous individual to help you along your journey, look no further.

Sam Cook

Washington, DC