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Astrology Readings + Forecasts

The origins of astrology can be traced back to the 3rd millennium BC - first in Babylon, then in Egypt and the Mediterranean. These ancient civilizations interpreted celestial points and cycles as direct communication from the divine, and used this wisdom to craft their lives in resonance with the flow of the universe.

Throughout history, astrology continued to have an important influence on many aspects of human evolution including language, world views, and societal culture. Astrology was considered a scholarly tradition, and was commonly accepted in political and social circles. Though it experienced a disruption in the 17th century with the emergence of scientific ideals, astrology continued to be practiced in spiritual, ritualistic, and occult communities. Today, it’s seen a huge resurgence in our modern culture as we reconnect with our ancient roots and undoubtedly experience the influence from the planets, luminaries, and asteroids.

Astrology Readings $222 - $332

Infinite insight lies within the points and lines of our astrology chart. We can uncover our unique soul mission, understand our greatest strengths and deepest struggles, identify what we need to feel happy and nurtured, learn about what we need in relationships, and so much more. When we have the tools to navigate our inner landscape, we can show up fully and more authentically in all aspects of life.

In my astrology readings we cover all major planetary and luminary placements, as well as key points and asteroids such as Chiron and the North + South Nodes. These readings can be customized to your unique needs, interests, and inquiries, as we go on a journey together through your blueprint of stardust. Readings last approximately 90 minutes, and are facilitated via Zoom. I highly recommend having the session recorded as a lot of information comes through, and it’s best to be fully present during the reading itself.

$222 – Astrology Reading on Zoom that is NOT RECORDED

$255 – Astrology Reading on Zoom RECORDED. Follow up email includes: Recording of the reading in video and audio format, + written/timestamped breakdown of subjects covered.

Don’t know our birth time, and can’t find out? No problem! I offer Birth Time Reconciliation for an additional $77. Simply indicate in the intake form below that you’ll need reconciliation

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Astrological Forecasts for the Year Ahead - $333

In addition to understanding more about ourselves, we can also use astrology to plan the upcoming year by tracking planetary transits. As the planets constantly move throughout the sky, they impact each of us in a unique way according to our individual birth chart.

My astrological forecasts include:

  • A beautiful 10-15 page document that includes overall themes for the year ahead, as well as a month-by-month breakdown of the lessons, opportunities, and energetics that will be presented for the next 12 months.
  • Monthly action steps and journal prompts
  • One 30 minute Zoom call with me to ask questions and gain further insight if desired.

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Interested in both an Astrology Reading and a Forecast? Bundle both services for $555, which includes the recorded version of the reading!

What people are saying about astrology readings with Abby

I’ve had astrology readings before that felt like a waste of time and money. I was hesitant to try again, but within two minutes of receiving my recording from Abby I was elated and over joyed. She went above and beyond in the content and information she delivered, and I finally got a reading that felt accurate and aligned with why I sought a reading in the first place. Her magic is real, her intuition is spot on, and her mind is super intelligent. I highly recommend her readings, expertise and intuitive services.

Phenix Rose

Costa Rica

I’ve had several sessions from Abby across her many skill sets. The insights I obtained from her astrology reading were spot on. She tapped into many aspects of myself that I both did and didn't fully know. It both reinforced certain elements of my being that I connect with, and also called me out as to the things that I actively struggle with and am still currently working on improving. She also did a personal energy clearing on me, and that was an incredible experience. She removed some blockages that were holding me back and in some cases causing me actual physical discomfort. The biggest shift I received was in my lower back where I had been suffering from steady aches regularly. Immediately after the session, that area of my back felt so much better and still to this day I haven't had the same lingering issue that I had before the session.

Aaron Taenzer