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Hello sacred soul, I'm Abby.

I’m here to guide others back to their unique soul essence.  I consider myself: 

a channel for divine inspiration

an avenue for soul reclamation

a catalyst for deep transformation. 

Let’s explore how to work together.

Sacred Alignment Sessions

Step into a powerful portal of coaching, psychic channeling, and intuitive guidance. These containers are designed to realign you with your soul's trajectory, and put you in touch with your internal compass.

Psychic + Intuitive Training

Many of us possess unique and inherent gifts that allow us to perceive beyond the five senses. Reawakening these abilities leads to a deeper understanding of our soul's mission, and an enhanced awareness of our divine nature.

Astrology Offerings

This ancient analytical art can uncover so much about the soul blueprint we chose to embody. The sun, moon, stars, and planets are here to guide us along the path of our highest potentiality and evolvement.

Soul Key Discovery

A four-month experience designed to align you with your Higher Self and Super Healer. Together we cultivate intuitive abilities, energetic anatomy, spirit communication, magic + ceremonial practices, and inner child healing. Ideal for aspiring spiritual coaches, shamans, and light workers!

Meet Abby.

I spent my twenties navigating the waves of spiritual awakening, while also trying to make it in the mainstream business world. Though I had many successes, I always knew that my soul had a different calling – one that serves people in a direct and transformative way. Now I’ve combined my grounded business experience with my etheric abilities to offer intuitive insight, life + business coaching, and astrological interpretation to support others along their sacred human journey.

Stay in Touch!